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We provide training, mentoring and facilitation services to help organisations to become more purposeful, interconnected and self-aware entities inside an ever-growing ecosystem of businesses, civil society and government institutions. We also work in cross-sector sense-making, solution finding, scenario planning and collaborations, to help get unstuck in situations of deeply complex, systemic challenges.

Our Top Offerings

We can tailor-design workshops, team-building retreats and reflections, and organisational learning processes. We also now offer proofreading and editing services!

Team-building retreats
organisational reflections
proofreading & editing

The Magic We Bring YOU


Do you feel out of alignment and balance? Is there alignment between your personal values, vision and motivation and those of your organisation? Does your organisation hold space for different perspectives?


Do you practice dialogue or are you caught up in dynamics of debate? Do you know how to ask the ‘right questions’ that bring conversation to a deeper space of curiosity to uncover new knowledge?

deep listening

Do you like to be the one that gives ‘the correct answer’ or jump to conclusions quickly about another, or make assumptions frequently? How does one let go of conditioning and go deeper to listen to what wants to emerge?


Do you feel bogged down with negative thinking, doubt, skepticism, irritation, frustration? Are you able to function and work optimally from a place of positivity and enthusiasm?

What it Looks Like

Just some of the fun and learning-full moments on our journey.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The training was clear and powerful and has helped to frame the way we work as the Soft Foot Alliance. This has also brought new perspectives and learnings through the way we come together in meetings at different levels. Learning the process of recording meetings and work through drawing, which Enspiral also taught us, was a beautiful revelation.”

Laurie Simpson

Founder, Soft Foot Alliance, Hwange, Zimbabwe

The content was consistently high quality and engaging. I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations. They had my full attention due to the way they were conducted. Thanks!

Samm Farai Monro

Creative Director, Magamba Network, Harare, Zimbabwe

We had conflicts and lack of alignment in our organic food-growing group. Enspiral came in and were able to create a space for respectful dialogue and unpacking of assumptions. There was a total shift of energy from tension to laughter and ease that comes from gathering to move forward together and smoothing unresolved tensions. “

Belinda Clowes

Organic Grower, Earth-friendly Growers, Harare, Zimbabwe

Meet our Team

Jean-Paul Baron-Bonarjee (founder/director)

Leadership, Organisational Development and Holistic Living Consultant

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