The world is going through times of massive disruption in 2020, with the sweep of the coronavirus pandemic across the globe and resultant impacts on society, the economy and doing business. Even more than before, we need to find new ways of addressing the disconnect inside organisations, between people and the planet, amongst the sexes, to forge new ways towards fomenting well-being and sustainable businesses and livelihoods.

At EnSpiral Consultancy, we work with all kinds of actors in society, such as CBOs, NGOs, private businesses, government departments, etc., as well as across sectors, bringing our skills into these workplaces. We look at challenges systemically and use deeply engaging and participatory processes to help to unlock each person’s potential, creativity and initiative. Thus we help to create organisational processes that are inclusive and speak to people’s need to be heard and be part of creating solutions together.

We can add value to your organisation through our emphasis and use of deep listening, self organisation, participatory leadership, gender-based policy, and a range of other tools that we use to develop the potential of your organisation, bringing it to the forefront of the growing movement of resilient, conscious organisations that put people’s self development, well-being and the planet at the heart of all its operations.

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