Enspiral gets its name from ‘being in a spiral’. Spirals are one of the most powerful forces in nature, found in whirlpools, sea shells, seed pods, flowers, snails, DNA and galaxies. It is a representation of evolution and the upward spiralling of current paradigm thinking towards higher levels of awareness, collaboration and purpose-driven organisations.

As consultants with a wide range of cultural exposure and experience in many different fields, we are passionate about co-creating sustainable organisations with ethical, inclusive, decentralised, conscious and sustainable structures. We use tools such as personal and transformative leadership development, holocracy, authentic communication, deep listening, gender-responsiveness and inclusivity.  We also make use of disruptive social technologies and participatory methods to tailor-design and host highly engaging processes.

We provide training, mentoring and facilitation services to help organisations to become more purposeful, interconnected and self-aware entities inside an ever-growing ecosystem of businesses, civil society and government institutions. We also work in cross-sector sense-making, solution finding, scenario planning and collaborations, to help get unstuck in situations of deeply complex, systemic challenges.