At Enspiral, we hold certain values very dear to us and these are as follows:

  • Integrity – when we say something, we say it intentionally and do our utmost to be impeccable in our language and communication
  • Authenticity – we believe in showing up as our authentic selves in the work that we do with our clients. This means respecting our stories that shape who we are and bringing out others’ authenticity
  • Inclusivity – we welcome everyone in all the work that we offer without discrimination based on race, creed, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. and make sure space is created for every voice and perspective to be heard
  • Welcoming Diversity – we realise that everyone has had different experience and holds a unique story and as such we respect and create space to hold differences in world views, helping to bridge existing understandings and foment new ones
  • Listening deeply – last but not least, the quality of our listening shapes the outcomes of our interactions, which helps to hold a deeper space for understanding a diversity of perspectives, without assumptions, judgments, and reactivity.