We are pleased to announce that we will be offering the following retreat to end 2021 in the sun, sea and sand of the paradise of Zanzibar!

Zanzibar Yoga Retreat at Mvuvi Resort, Zanzibar, Tanzania

What’s Special about this Retreat?

Hakuna Matata – No Problem! This is the mindset of life on Zanzibar Island!

Yoga – Relaxation – Holistic Health – Glorious Food – Ayurveda – Sound Healing – Sailing – Massage – Sea Adventures

Come and spread your wings and discover true BLISS on the east coast of Zanzibar, on a deep exploration of self, holistic living, and Ayurveda, accompanied by divine food, unforgettable adventures, sea, sun and sand!

On this retreat, we will focus on finding your inner compass and balancing the various parts of self. We will focus on the most ancient science of healing, Ayurveda, and how this tool can bring alignment into your life. We will also look at the divine masculine and feminine and how to get back in touch with these in ourselves.

This is an opportunity to slow down, reflect, renew and envision a new personal path, in a place of peace and tranquility, surrounded by the vast ocean.

Full Description

Zanzibar/Unguja is a pearl in the Indian Ocean, where African, Arab, Indian and Portuguese cultures and cuisines have melded, creating a rich culture with a healthy, fresh, mouth-watering cuisine. The people are friendly and easy-going, the waters turquoise and calm, the sea life extremely diverse. It is a safe and peaceful place to rediscover the simplicty and joy of life, connected to the Earth and elements.

On the retreat, there will be daily Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin Yoga, sessions on holistic health and living, Ayurveda, movement medicine, sound healing, journaling time, discovering authenticity, grounding, and meditations. A full-body massage is also offered at the boutique resort’s spa.

There will be two delicious meals served each day – breakfast and dinner – consisting of either fresh vegetarian or vegan food, as well as delicious freshly-caught seafood. There will be plenty of time for ‘me time’ and to go exploring alone, so lunch will be available at Mvuvi, but not included.

There will be two incredible excursions: a sailing trip to Kiwengwa Reef and swimming in the diverse corals; snorkeling and seeing sea turtles, dolphin and whales at Mnemba Atoll. Additionnally, one can explore the island alone or book tours offered by Mvuvi Resort.


Mvuvi Boutique Resort is the most perfect, intimate resort, positioned on the beach of Kiwengwa itself, the longest beach on the island. It is small enough to really feel at home, and boasts stunning rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a crystalline pool with deck chairs, a spa, open areas to eat and relax, and direct access onto the beach.

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