Does your team or staff suffer from demotivation, stress, overwork, communication woes, unresolved issues, skill gaps, inefficiencies, lack of leadership, etc.? Do you need to inject that life force back into your team or organisation? Have you tried many methods but they just end up with the same result?

We offer tailor-made team-building days and retreats for organisations and companies, taking your team or staff out of the office/home space and into a quiet, peaceful place in Nature, where one can completely disconnect from the daily routine, worries, habits, mindsets and distractions.

Our unique approach to this is through a very participatory, deep-dive approach that creates a safe space for authenticity, deep listening, exploration, new discoveries and lots of fun! This approach helps to uncover individuals’ everyday ‘filters’ and to look at a situation with new eyes, while creating space for many viewpoints, leading to new insights, approaches and action.

At the end of such a retreat, individuals walk away with new insights, mindsets, plans, and tools that can be integrated into everyday work life, helping to unlock the potential for a more happy and dynamic workforce. These away retreats also help to foment stronger bonds between individuals in the organisation or team, to discover more about each other, as well as about oneself.

We not only create a ‘feel good’ environment that fizzles once everybody is back at work, but a sustainable approach to organisational development and transformation.

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